OpenTelemetry Exporter

The OTEL Mezmo exporter provides export capabilities to your OpenTelemetry pipelines


LogDNA is now Mezmo

LogDNA has recently become Mezmo. As you access technical resources like our API, Code Libraries, and GitHub repositories, you will continue to see references to LogDNA for a short time as we update our new name across all our resource channels.

From version 0.53.0, you are now able to export your log data directly to Mezmo. If you are already using OpenTelemetry Collector, you can start sending log data by adding the mezmo exporter to your existing pipelines. If you are new to OTEL, we’ve provided a quick start sample to get you up and running.


LogData Only

The mezmo exporter only supports capturing log data. Metrics and Traces from OTEL will not be captured.

Set Up OpenTelemetry Exporter

  1. Download the appropriate OTEL collector for your environment from the OpenTelemetry website. Please be aware that you must run at least version 0.53.0.
  2. Create a configuration file called config.yaml with these contents:
   include: [ ./*.json ]
     - type: json_parser
    ingest_url: ""
    ingest_key: "<your ingestion key>"
     receivers: [ filelog ]
     exporters: [ mezmo ]
  1. Start the collector with this command:
    ./otelcol-contrib --config=/path/to/config.yaml
  2. Create .json files in this directory.
  3. As you add json lines to this file they will appear in the Log Viewer in Mezmo,

For complete information on setting up and configuring the OpenTelemetry Export for Mezmo log ingestion, check out the GitHub repo for the mezmoexporter.