Log Ingestion Delays


LogDNA is now Mezmo

LogDNA has recently become Mezmo. As you access technical resources like our API, Code Libraries, and GitHub repositories, you will continue to see references to LogDNA for a short time as we update our new name across all our resource channels.

Periodically there will be delays in processing new log data due to the volume of incoming logs. This topic describes the two types of delays you may experience during log ingestion: Live Tail Latency and Indexing Latency.

Live Tail Latency

Mezmo aims for an operational standard of 1s for Live Tail latency. The typical average for Live Tail latency is approximately 10s. You can view the current latency at https://status.logdna.com.

Indexing Latency

Indexing refers to the time between when a log line is ingested, and when it's available for search. By default, the Mezmo indexing process updates every 30s. As soon as a line is available in Live Tail, it should be indexed by Mezmo within 30s.