Code Libraries

LogDNA provides official code libraries for sending logs from Go,. JavaScript, Node.js, Pino, Python, Ruby, and Rust applications, and links to community developed code libraries for Android, iOS, Java, and other applications.

A logging code library (or logging framework) is code that you embed into your application to create and manage log events. To understand more about code libraries and LogDNA, read our blog about libraries versus agents.

For instructions on how to set up the code libraries listed on this page, follow the link to their corresponding GitHub repositories in these tables

Official Code Libraries

These libraries are maintained by LogDNA.


GitHub Link



JavaScript for Browsers

The LogDNA Browser Logger includes templates to create out-of-the-box Views, Boards, and Screens to analyze your browser logs. After installing the browser logger component, you can download and import the Template.



The pino-logdna "transport" tool was built to facilitate Pino-based logging from Node.js applications.

You can also find pino-logdna listed in the Transports section of the official Pino site.




Community Code Libraries and Integrations