GitHub Events

Mezmo provides an integration to stream, aggregate, and gain insights from the GitHub Events API


LogDNA is now Mezmo

LogDNA has recently become Mezmo. As you access technical resources like our API, Code Libraries, and GitHub repositories, you will continue to see references to LogDNA for a short time as we update our new name across all our resource channels.

The Mezmo integration for GitHub Events lets you collect information associated with GitHub events, like the repository where an event occurred or the user who triggered the event. The MEzmo integration for GitHub events monitors these GitHub Event types by default:

  • PushEvent
  • CreateEvent
  • DeleteEvent
  • Commit
  • CommentEvent
  • ReleaseEvent
  • ForkEvent
  • PullRequest
  • EventPull
  • RequestReview
  • CommentEvent

You also have options to include Extended Repository Events, Issues Events, and Deployment Events.

Set Up GitHub Event Logging

  1. Log in to the Mezmo Web App.
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > GitHub.
  3. Click Connect to GitHub.
    If prompted, sign in to GitHub.
  4. Click Authorize Application.
  5. Select the GitHub repositories that you want to monitor.
  6. Select any optional event types that you want to monitor for your repository.


Viewing GitHub Events

If you select the GitHub source in the All Sources filter, you can see all GitHub events that were sent to Mezmo. You can also filter by specific repositories in All Apps > Repositories .