VictorOps Alert Integration

Trigger 3rd Party Services from Mezmo Alerts

The VictorOps alert integration enables users to easily trigger incidents in VictorOps based off of log data in Mezmo.

For general information on alerts and instructions to create alerts, follow the documentation instructions listed in the “How to create an alert” section of the documentation.

Integrating with VictorOps

On the alerts creation page, select the VictorOps logo. Define the alert properties (learn more here).

To retrieve the URL to notify go to Integrations -> REST -> URL to notify and input the url up to the final / into the URL to notify section of the Mezmo VictorOps alert integration.

For the routing key, go to Settings -> Routing Key. More information on routing keys can be found here.

After clicking test alert from the Mezmo alert UI, you will now see incidents in VictorOps!

Note: When creating a new Routing Key, changes may take up to 10 minutes to propagate on the VictorOps side. If you don't see an alert show up in the VictorOps dashboard, please try again in 10 minutes.