AppOptics Alert Integration

Trigger 3rd Party Services from Mezmo Alerts

Mezmo’s alert integration with AppOptics interfaces with the App Optics Measurement API and allows alerts set in Mezmo to create measurements in AppOptics.

For general information on alerts and instructions to create alerts, follow the documentation instructions listed in the “How to create an alert” section of the documentation.

Integrating with AppOptics

On the alerts creation page, select the AppOptics logo. Define the alert properties (learn more here) and copy over an API token from AppOptics.

To find an API token, in your AppOptics dashboard, go to Settings → API Tokens ( page to copy an existing or create a new API token with “Record Only” permission.

Remember to save your alert so that your alerts will now trigger in AppOptics and new alerts will be in yourAppOptics dashboard. Specifically, new alerts can be found by navigating to: AppOptics -> Dashboards and Metrics -> mezmo.alerts.

Testing your AppOptics alert integration

Before saving your AppOptics alert, you can also trigger a test alert with test data. As long as you have pasted a valid API token from AppOptics, you will be able to create a test alert.