Set User Preferences

Set your user preferences for the appearance of the Log Viewer, log line formatting, your user profile, and using two-factor authentication to log into Mezmo.

The User Preferences menu enables you to customize aspects of the Mezmo user interface and log format, as well as setting security features such as your password and two-factor authentication.

You can access the User Preferences menu by clicking the icon containing the first letter of your user name at the bottom of the Web app menu pane, and then select User Preferences.

Viewer Style

On the Viewer Style tab you can select your preferred contrast for the log viewer, Light Mode or Dark Mode. You can also select the theme for the viewer, from a selection of colours and log line highlighting.

Viewer Options

On the Viewer Options tab, you can select to display all lines with level DEBUG in a lighter shade, and select whether timestamps are shown in UTC and time frame searches are done relative to UTC instead of local time.

Log Format

Use the settings on the Log Format tab to increase the size of the lines in the log viewer, and to arrange the elements of the lines exactly as you want them. For example, you can choose to show the timestamp first, then the line, etc. You can also add or eliminate elements to display in your log viewer, such as the source's IP address, or the file name that contains the line.

User Profile

On the User Profile tab you can define your user name, although if your name is defined by an OAuth provider then you will not be able to change the name. You can also change your password. Note that you must know your current password in order to define a new one.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security. With two-factor authentication you log in with your regular username and password, and then also provide another form of authentication (typically an alpha-numeric code) that only you know or have access to. There are several two-factor authentication apps, including Authy, LastPass, and Google Authenticator.

To enable or disable two-factor authentication, select the Two-factor Auth tab on the User Preferences modal, and follow the instructions.



Save your recovery codes that appear when you enable two-factor authentication in a safe place. If you cannot access your 2FA authenticator app, you can use one of your recovery codes to log into your account. Each code can only be used once. If you cannot access your codes, contact support .