Jumping to Timeframe

Learn how to use the Jump to timeframe option in order to view exact log lines.

This topic covers how to use the Jump to timeframe input box located at the bottom of the page in the LogDNA web app.



keep in mind that time queries are performed in conjunction with filters and search. Any specified search queries, sources, apps, and log levels are respected in addition to the timeframe itself.

Jump to time

To jump to a point in time in your logs, type the desired day and time in the Jump tp timeframe field.

today at 11am

This will take you to your log lines at 11 am today, in your local time.

Set a timeframe

To set a timeframe for your logs, type two different dates and times separated by to.

last fri 4:30p to 11/12 1 AM

This will show all logs between last Friday at 4:30 PM and November 12 at 1 AM.


You can only search as far back as your plan's retention allows.