SaaS Web App

The Mezmo SaaS is the simplest method of deploying Mezmo. In this model, your logs are sent to an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure managed by Mezmo. You get all the benefits of a SaaS service including high availability, infinite scalability, and zero maintenance.

Multi-Tenant vs. Single-Tenant Installations
The Mezmo cloud platform uses a multi-tenant model. This means that all customers share the same Mezmo cloud platform resources. Mezmo has several controls in place to prevent unauthorized access to log data including encryption in transit and at rest and strict access controls.

Mezmo also offers a single-tenant model, which provides dedicated managed cloud resources to customers requiring greater security or larger ingestion volume. Contact us if you want to create a single-tenant account.

The Mezmo cloud platform is fully compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2, Privacy Shield, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for a Mezmo account.

You can create a new Mezmo username and password, or sign in using your Google, GitHub, or Heroku account. If you have a firewall or other security device in place, allow outbound traffic to

  1. Follow the Quick Start Guide to start sending logs to Mezmo