Manage Usage

Manage the amount of ingestion data by receiving usage alerts and seeing a data ingestion breakdown by top sources and top apps.

You can view and monitor how much data your organization ingests with Mezmo’s “Manage Usage” Dashboard. To reduce the amount of logging data your organization ingests and retains, refer to the following documentation:

Manage Usage Dashboard

The Dashboard can be found in your Mezmo application via Settings > Usage > Dashboard.

Here you can view:

  • Amount of data ingested in the past 30 days
  • Top sources and top apps that contribute to the most logs
  • Estimated usage for the given month
  • Breakdown of data ingested by day

Note: On a daily basis, only the top 50 apps/sources/tags are collected — thus if a particular app had the 51st most usage on a particular day, that app data would not be surfaced here in the Usage Dashboard.

Email Digest

You can subscribe to a weekly or monthly digest breaking down your usage data in the given time period.

Usage Alerts

You can set up email alerts to notify you when you reach some percentage of the usage limit.

To begin, define a “Usage Limit” that will be used as your desired usage limit and will impact the specific usage amount that triggers an email alert. Please note that your defined “Usage Limit” only affects email alerts and will not cause log ingestion to stop after reaching this limit.

After defining a “Usage Limit”, add email recipients who will be notified when a certain usage percentage is reached. You can add as many email addresses as you need.

Usage Alerts are defined by the billing date of your account. For example, if your account gets billed on the 15th of every month, our counter resets on the 16th to being a new cycle.

In the event that they is not billing date, such as accounts on free trial, Mezmo will default to the account creation date.

For contract customer, you may have a custom billing date that may not align with what our system uses as a cycle start date. To find out if your accounts custom billing date and the system's counter dates are aligned, please navigate to the Last month in Days – Usage chart, where the red ticker identifies the date your accounts billing cycle restarts.