Kubernetes Enrichment

View your Kubernetes events and metrics alongside your logs, all within Mezmo

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What is Kubernetes Enrichment?

Kubernetes Enrichment allows you to view your Kubernetes events and metrics alongside your logs, all within Mezmo. With your Kubernetes events, metrics, and application logs all in one place, you’ll be able to pinpoint issues faster and skip the context switching between logs and other tools.

Getting Started with Kubernetes Enrichment

Kubernetes Enrichment is an Enterprise-level feature, you’ll need to be part of an Enterprise-level plan and reach out to your account's dedicated Customer Success Manager to get started. There are no additional costs for our Enterprise-level customers. If you're not an Enterprise-level customer and would like to learn more, contact our sales team ([email protected]).


Verifying installation of the Kubernetes Metrics Server

The Kubernetes Metrics Server is installed by default if you’re using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) of at least version 1.10.

For other providers you can find instructions on how to install metrics-server here:

To verify if you have metrics-server installed, run the following command:

kubectl get deployment metrics-server -n kube-system


metrics-server   1/1     1            1           9s

Viewing Kubernetes Metrics in Logs

After you deploy the Mezmo Reporter, you can start viewing metrics directly in the log viewer context menu. These metrics and metadata all show a point-in-time capture of the Kubernetes cluster state when that log line was sent, so even if an event happened a few days ago, the metrics will still reflect what was happening during that event.

Clicking the arrow beside KUBE STATS in the upper left will further show the node information along with the pod image, namespace, and controller. You can use this information to quickly understand resource constraints, unstable pod deployments, or unhealthy nodes when that log line was sent. All metrics have the same retention as your log retention today and metrics are currently collected every 30 seconds.

Viewing Kubernetes Event Logs

Kubernetes Enrichment comes pre-bundled with views to categorize and surface Kubernetes events. With your Kubernetes events retained in Mezmo, you can easily find and view historical or current Kubernetes events.


View Events in Context

Kubernetes events combined with “View In Context” allow you to quickly see the log lines preceding a specific event (ex. What an application was logging before it was killed).

Viewing Kubernetes Cluster-Wide Health

Using the Screens included in Kubernetes Enrichment, you have access to an overview of cluster-level metrics and identify anomalous behavior in your cluster.



Screens may take up to 24 hours to populate with metrics.