Importing and Exporting Organization Configurations

You can reproduce the configurations for an Organization using our Import/Export functionality. Admin privileges are required to use this feature.

About Import/Export for configurations

Use our Import/Export Configuration feature to granularly export views, boards, alerts, exclusion rules, and parsing templates into a JSON file and then import this file to either a different Mezmo organization (also referred to as an account) to recreate your configurations across different accounts, or to the same account at a later date, to restore an account.

Main use cases

  • Replicate existing account configuration to multiple new Mezmo accounts. This provides consistency across accounts, with the benefits of easier management and maintenance.
  • Move existing configurations from a staging Mezmo account to a production Mezmo account
  • Restore account configuration: if you want to return an account’s configurations to a previously saved state, you can use the Import option to replace (overwrite) the existing configurations


  • Administrator privileges are required to use this feature.
  • You can export from the same account and replace in the same account, but not add from and to the same account. This prevents accidental duplication of views, alerts, etc. in the same account.
  • Importing the same config file twice to one account will create duplicates of every configuration (view, board, etc.) that was originally exported to the JSON file, except categories.
  • You can’t export alerts separately from views, because alerts are attached to specific views. However, you can export views without alerts.
  • There is a 10 minute timeout between imports to the same account to prevent collisions from multiple team members trying to import to the same account at the same time.
  • If an exported configuration file (the JSON file) is modified in any way, the import will fail due to a failed checksum action.
  • The JSON file does not expire, so you can keep a copy to restore your settings if your account's configuration ever needs to be restored.
  • This functionality does not export any log data.

Access the Import and Export Configuration Features

  1. Log into the Mezmo Web App and select the organization that you want to import or export the configuration for.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Click the icon next to Organizations to open the Organization Settings options.
  4. Click Import config or Export config and follow the instructions in this topic to export or import your organization's configuration settings.

Export Configurations

  1. Select all configurations that you want to export (only the selected configurations will be included in the exported JSON file).
  • By default, all configurations are selected. Use the Deselect all button if you want to select only specific items.
  • For each type of configuration, click the arrow beside the type (views, boards, etc) to display the full list.
  • Use the arrow to drill down into the categories and view the configuration.
  • For views, you can select whether to also export any alert that is attached to the view.
  • The values shown in the parentheses indicate the total counts of configurations of that type.
  1. Click Export.
    A JSON file with the selected configurations downloads to your local machine. The name of the file is prepended with mezmo-config.
    You can continue to work in the Export Configuration page, selecting other choices and defining additional export files.

Import Configurations

  1. Upload the desired JSON configuration file.
  2. Once the file is uploaded, select one of the two options for the import
  • Add to existing configuration
  • Replace existing configuration (NOTE: this action is irreversible)
  1. Click Import
    The Import Configuration page reloads, and displays information about the before and *after states, including the types and numbers of configurations that were imported.



After importing new configurations, you will need to refresh the application (refresh the browser) to see the newly imported configurations in the Mezmo UI.

Restoring Account Configuration

To restore account configuration, store a copy of your exported JSON file and use the ‘replace’ option during import to restore previous configuration.