Exporting Log lines

This guide covers how to use the export lines functionality in the Mezmo web app. Exporting lines gives you a local copy of your specified log lines.


When you use the LogDNA web application to export log lines, the lines are exported in JSON line format (.jsonl) and are emailed to your LogDNA user email address.



You can also export your log lines programmatically using our Export APIs.

Instructions for Exporting Log Lines

To export your log lines:

  1. Perform your search query for the desired log lines.
  2. Click on the view menu to the left of the All Sources filter and select Export Lines.
  3. Select a time range to apply to the search results.
  4. Select an option to prefer newer or older lines in case the export exceeds our line limit.
  5. You will receive an email with a link download to your exported lines.

Plans and Export Limits

It is important to note that each of Mezmo's plans has an export limit. Export limit refers to the number of parallel requests that can be made to our export API at a time.

API Request Limit

Review the following limitations on the maximum number of log lines returned per API request.

Export API v2

For all plans, the Export API v2 has a limit of 10,000 log lines that are returned per response. This limit is due to underlying technical limitations of Elasticsearch.