Data Restoration

Use the Mezmo Data Restoration feature to restore log data from your archives to search, review, and analyze.

About Data Restoration

Restoration provides a way to re-ingest, or restore, archived logs from cold storage so you can search the log data in the Mezmo user interface. Restoration is useful for troubleshooting older bug tickets, as well as bringing up additional context from older logs beyond your retention period.

Feature Notes

  • Your account must have archiving enabled to use the Data Restoration feature
  • The Mezmo system requires read access to the stored logs
  • By default, each restoration task will be ingested for the same period of time as your normal logs
  • The cost of restoring logs is the same as your current Mezmo plan type.

Creating a New Data Restoration Task

  1. Log in to the LogDNA Web App.
  2. Confirm that you have integrated with your Archiving bucket.
    We currently support Amazon S3 Collector and Google Cloud Storage.
  3. In the left-hand navigation, click the water droplet icon.
  4. Click New Restoration Task.
    Here you can name your task, select a time range for logs, and select the exact files to restore from that time period.


Limited to 98 Items or Fewer

You can select up to 98 files or hours for restoration.

  1. Click Start to begin the process of restoring logs.
    Depending on the size of the restored logs, the task may take anywhere from 15 minutes to up to two hours.

Once the restoration is complete, you'll have a new task and your restored logs available in the Restoration dashboard.

Restoration Dashboard

The Restoration dashboard displays all current active restoration tasks, as well as previously expired restoration tasks, which you can run again from the dashboard. You can also observe the progress of active restoration tasks in this dashboard.

Using the Restoration Task View

In the Restoration Task view you can see all the restored logs for a specific restoration task. In this view you can also use the date picker to narrow down the time range of your restoration task. As with normal ingestion, you have access to all the Viewer tools, from highlighting terms to search/replace and line templates.