Boards vs. Screens

What is the difference between boards vs. screens?

Boards are a collection of graphs. Typically you use this to aggregate metrics about your log lines or query or plots over time. Each data point on your graph coincides with a log line so you can actually click-in to understand where that datapoint is coming from.

Graphs can be displayed as

  • a line graph
  • a histogram
  • a pie graph

In our UI, we call histograms and pie graphs as breakdowns

Screens is a dashboard of configurable widgets to display metrics about your logs. Widgets include:

  • counts (single number aggregation)
  • gauge (count with a gauge indicator)
  • table (list of aggregations)
  • time shifted graph (layered line graph of offset time intervals).

Typically screens is a great way to present high level, comprehensive metrics to managers, leadership, or your entire organization.