Add Enterprise Admins

You can add additional administrators to your Enterprise on the General page.


Mezmo EnterpriseMezmo Enterprise
This feature is only available for customers on an Enterprise plan, and is restricted to Owner and Admin user roles. Please contact your Customer Support Manager or [email protected] for more information.

You can easily add administrators to your Enterprise on the General page. These admins will be able to view the Enterprise Dashboard, manage child organizations, and configure sign-in options.


No Admin Capabilities for Child Organizations

When you add a admins for your enterprise, they do not gain any admin privileges for the child organizations in your enterprise. You must be directly added to the organization as an admin to gain additional organization admin capabilities.

  1. Log in to the Mezmo Web App.
  2. Select your organization at the bottom of the left-hand navigation.
  3. Click Enterprise Dashboard.
  4. Click General.
  5. Under Super Admins, click Add.
  6. Enter the name of the user you want to grant Admin privileges to.
  7. Click Add.