April 28, 2022 - Log Analysis and Organizations Features

LogDNA is pleased to announce the release of several new features for our log management, processing, and analysis platform.

Variable Retention

Variable Retention allows users to retain logs in the LogDNA user interface (UI) for only as long as they are relevant and then to archive them for long-term storage. This helps reduce total cost of operation while ensuring that users have the right information when they need it.

For more information, check out the Variable Retention topic in our documentation.

Enterprise Organizations

Enterprise Organizations is a suite of features that gives LogDNA users with large deployment scenarios more control and the ability to fine-tune their enterprise account setup.

For more information, check out the Enterprise Organizations topics in our documentation.

Usage Quotas and Index Rate Alerting

You can now set gigabyte-based usage thresholds on a per-day basis in addition to a per-month basis. More importantly, when users hit set percentages of their limit, they can now elect to start excluding logs from being stored in LogDNA.

For more information, check out the Usage Quota topic and the Index Rate Alerting topic in our documentation.

Log Data Restoration

Log Data Restoration lets you store your logs more cost-effectively in cold storage, and then recall them back into LogDNA when needed.

For more information, check out the Log Data Retention topic in our documentation.